JBoulder - Boulder Dash clone for Amiga

JBoulder title screen with old logo version

JBoulder - Boulder Dash clone for Amiga was made by Juha Pinola (Asa/Cirion - code/sounds/game graphics) and Seppo Sinkkonen (Mindeye/Cirion - title screen and font graphics).

Game was made during years 1993-1995 and released as shareware to Lake Slime BBS, Finland. Then the game source codes, level editor and game itself was lost but luckily game was found again in 2023!

Registered version has 30 levels and shareware version only 4. Registered version is registed to Seppo Sinkkonen but feel free to download, play, share or hack it to register it for Amiga community! It's been recently tested to work with basic A1200. Note. Sounds didn't work with shareware version. More info in Amiga Guide file.

In planning: WHDLoad, ADF, uploading game to Aminet.

Download JBoulder v1.5 registered version (LHA)
Download JBoulder v1.5 shareware version (LHA)

Last updated 28/02/2023

Contact information:

Seppo Sinkkonen
Email me firstname at lastname .fi